Program Application

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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 30 day(s)
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 20.00%
    Additional terms We are very excited to share with you our Whiter Smile Affiliate Program! We want people that are passionate about helping others to achieve greater self confidence and happiness within themselves. If you are very active on Social Media, have a great following then we are looking for you to help us grow our Brand! You will receive 20% of all purchases that you refer to our store and be paid fortnightly or monthly by PayPal (or other methods can be agreed if you do not have an account). To become an affiliate you must apply first, we will then review applications and approve those that are a good fit for our brand! Approval usually granted within 24 hours. As a special bonus, each month we will award a special reward to our Top Referrer!
    Affiliates must behave in a positive manner at all times when referring customers to KAPOW! Smiles. Any use of explicit content or unethical behaviour will be cause to terminate your account immediately without payment. You have permission to share our content for the express purpose of generating a sale or brand awareness towards a future purchase. Please note that the Cookies expire every 30 days so purchases made 30 days after you send a link will not count towards your commission, so it is important to renew your content prior to the 30 day links to keep your links fresh. KAPOW! Smiles has a 30 day money back refund policy which means commissions can only be paid after this time has passed and no returns have been made. Affiliates must be over the age of 18. KAPOW! Smiles reserves the right to cancel this or your agreement at anytime without notice.